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I've been able to feel and see energy...when it comes to my partner, when he is with another woman I receive signals like my body temperature fluctuating to cold or hot,nervousness, solar plexus anxiety...Im so sensitive I know down to the hour when he is having intercourse with one of his lovers...with that said, we have firm agreements around choosing partners that accept eachother , and our relationship.Before this agreement When he's was with a lover I trusted It felt like butterflies in my stomach like being on a rollercoaster, both pleasant and a little nervous, yet manageable. When he would chose to sleep with a lover whom was less trustworthy (and proved to be so as time went on) I would feel sick and solar plexus pain.

Seeing Aura's can be useful, also have you considered that his Aura is pink because coming home to you after being with a lover ignites his love and affection for you more deeply, thus you see his Aura more easily based on your connection to him?
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