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Default Cataloging

I think it is important to catalog all the positive things we have achieved. When I look at the list of things I see us having it greatly diminishes the list of things I don't.

1) Your son is happy and healthy and embraces all of us as family
2) All people care for each other in our constellation...there is no faking
3) We are completely open with all our families...a hard fought struggle but one that your parents have come to embrace whole heartedly. This is a huge achievement and one that pitted us up against allegations of poor parenting and child abuse on my part....and yet we remain.
4) Each of us is self confident/self sustaining and medication free.
5) We are physically healthy and capable.
6) We help each other make time for ourselves and as couples willingly.
7) We share common values of communication and the willingness to be vulnerable to each other.
8) We trust each other to the point of sharing care of the one person who is most important and the greatest responsibility. Your son.

As far as poly families go, I am proud of what we have already achieved...frankly I am amazed at times. We've formed bonds for life no matter what happens.

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