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I"m really pleased with how things are moving along in our relationship right now. Ever since I made the decision to take a new job closer to my couple, our guy has been more attentive. He is now calling me on a more spontaneous ("was just thinking about you so decided to call") and frequent basis. He asked me to call him tonight when I was getting ready to head to bed so we could "snuggle" (over the phone) for awhile. Awwwww.... (I don't make the actual move for my new job for about another month.)

Maybe he was kind of holding back to see if I was really committed to this relationship???? When he first told me he was poly I'd never heard of it. I said that while I believed it was possible to love more than one person at a time..and didn't judge him...I didn't think poly was for me. I didn't know if I could handle facing my own insecurities and subsequent jealousies. (I'm still not certain I can, but I've been reading and reading and working on it. I've been amazed at the capacity I'm finding in myself to love expansively. My couple has been patient as I work through my personal insecurities.) She and I gave each other a great big hug when I told her I'd taken the job and would be moving nearby. I really like her and we enjoy the banter of "picking on" our guy sometimes! When I last visited them she and I got talking and our guy eventually left the room. When we gathered back up we asked why he left. He said "You two seemed to be enjoying talking with each other so much that I just decided to let you enjoy one another's company and go talk with someone else." (We were at her place of work at breaktime, and he knew others that worked there.) The journey continues.....

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