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Thanks Tonberry! I enjoyed all of your reply, but these two points stood out to me.
Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I know something I loved about one of my exes was his acne scars on his face.
I also have acne scars, and it also bothers me. It bothers me less now, but I still think about it when I'm feeling very down about my looks. I remember concerns about my stature and acne scars only on days when my self esteem is very low.

Originally Posted by Tonberry
So maybe your problem is that you're not happy with yourself, and then that's something to work on. At least you know she picked you the way you are, and she already had the other two, so I'm sure you provide things nobody else does.
I am not happy with myself.

I have reminded myself that she still chose me after already being in relationships with both of them, and that did make me feel confident temporarily.
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