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Originally Posted by Baka1216 View Post
-I worry there is no real solution and I will lose them both. Am I too selfish, wanting to love them both? Does my love for this second woman diminish the love I have for my fiancÚ? Is it just cold feet?
I've had all these questions and tons more stewing for months now and Im almost to the point where Im accepting there is no happy ending here. Maybe I should go back to being single and stop being only half there for the two women in my life.
Are you too selfish wanting to love them both? Does your love for the second woman diminish the love you have for your fiance? I would suggest that the answer to both questions is "No"...not if you're Poly! That's one of the basics of poly.

There may, indeed, be a "no win" to this particular relationship situation. But, the pain of loss in the short run may be preferable to compromising how you seem to love (poly) in the long run.
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