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Red face Thanks for answers + new questions

Thanks to all of you who have mailed your reactions to my concerns, I appreciate response! To answer some of your questions: No, I don't normally see auras. I did occationally when I was around 20 years old, and it scared me and I did a lot to get rid of it. Doesn't take you anywhere. So it has come as a surprise that this happens now, and only around my husband. That is why I get cautios. I don't think it is cool. It disturbs me. When we are together, I strive to be totally present and in the moment, greatful for time shared. With the pink around him, it is as if we are not alone, but three in the room. I remember princess Diana when she was interviewed about the faliure of her marriage with prince Charles: "It became a bit crowded in there".

Some of you seem to feel other peoples energy, while bimblynim actually sees auras. What I am wondering about now, is if quite a few of us have this sense, or ability, to feel if our partner(s) have been into intimate relationships with others, although not as clear as with me actually seeing a pink colour. Can this be an unconscious motivation for many to stay within mono relationships? They can't handle the "crowded" feeling? Furthermore, are there ways to get out of this, i.e. not let it bother you? As I described in my first post, we have partly organized our live around this, and it would be nice to become a bit more flexible.
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