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I don't think I've ever experienced an expectation regarding it.

Nope-I'm certain I haven't.

BUT-I know for me, that there is a TOTALLY different sense of release from that, then I have with other orgasm that don't include ejaculation.

I am unable to get MYSELF to the point of ejaculation. Frustrated enough at this point that I spent the last 4 hours SERIOUSLY trying to figure out when/if I could get enough privacy in a bed to put a serious effort into figuring out how. But-that's not realistic. I can't get 5 minutes-and I've tried many many times over the years when I had hours.

I most often find that release to be..... like when you have to go to the bathroom so bad it hurts, or that last bit when a baby's shoulders break through and they slide out during delivery?

It's a sudden sense of "NOW I can relax" "NOW I know where peace is" "NOW the world is right around me".
Moments like right now-when my world is careening insanely around me, is when I need that release most.
And yet-here I am 3000 miles away from being able to get that release.

Fucking sucks.

As for expectation-which is what I was supposed to be writing in the first place, I've never had a man put that expectation upon me. I've only ever had myself feeling the urgency of needing it.
Today (as well as the last umpteen days)... is one of those days.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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