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Hi there, I'm still too chickin to actually TRY polyamory although my husband and I have agreed to it and discussed it at length. No one's tried to actually enact anything yet, though. We have a unique situation in that we had a child together but had broken up beforehand. After she was born, there was a great, epic misunderstanding on the part of both of us and we spent 14 years separated and not talking. We got back together and eventually after a few years together, got married and now we are where we are now. (married two years, right before our second anniversary, husband asked to become polyamorous before I was ready ) We're both bisexual and VERY adventurous. My personal reaction to his wanting to open our relationship (insecurity, fear, deep depression) shocked even me as I'd thought I was all Ok and cool with it. Now I've come to some realizations that there are people I'd be interested in, so have really come full circle and I know this is all OK. I think. It would have been nice if he hadn't picked someone 1,000,000 times better looking than me for all this, but he did, it happened that way and there's really nothing I can do about that.
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