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Default Gut feeling

"But I have had no evidence to prove otherwise, other than my guts. And my guts are unreliable because I am struggling with him being with other women as it is. "
( I don't know how to do that fun quoting thing you all do yet)

A friend pointed out to me something amazing the other day when I said I had been following my intuition/gut above my reason lately, and that it had been incredibly freeing and seemingly much wiser than my brain.

Your gut/pit of your stomach feeling is your solar plexus, a nerve bundle known as the "abdominal brain" and also as the "psychic center" in eastern mysticism.

The solar plexus is a nerve center as complex as the brain, but is not self-conscious and therefore unable to deceive like the brain is.

In fact, our brains many times take these gut feelings and distort them to rationalize what feels safe and logical for us, and to ridicule these strong survival urges out of having any sway over our actions. I have been reading about it online, and I find it very interesting to think about, to say the least.
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