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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I get that it's taboo, something to celebrate, something we were kept in the dark about as women in the past.... but I don't get the fascination of late? It just seems like more pressure to preform. Like women are somehow not as sexually apt if they aren't sticking things in there cunts to get them to squirt the furthest or at all for that matter! More competition and achievements to live up to as women... greeeeat.... fucking great
I think the irony is, the more pressure to perform the less likely it is to happen. And honestly, I don't believe men would ever think the woman is less sexually apt by the way. I would usually "blame" it on myself...just an fyi from the guy side

I do agree with tl4, in that it is a visual men have never had. Ironically it has been pointed out to me, and a point I forgot, ejaculation by women does not always include an orgasm.
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