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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
As I've said in other threads I'm not a big fan of ldr's for myself and have not had good experiences with them. I'm not having the best experience with my husband having one either. In fact it's ended it seems and the fall out is crazy hard for all of us, my partners included... it seems all to easy to just stop talking on line in a ldr rather than deal with the issues at hand and have some closure. There seems to be a lack of good manners and respect when things end... it's just silence and nothing and being left to pick up the pieces. Yup, safe to say I think they are a waste of time and resources a lot of the time...
I agree 100% that is a massive possibility. It is an incorrect and immature way to deal with problems. If anything, and this is something I am working to do all the time, you must communicate more...clearly in an online relationship. Sometimes its easy for both sides to fluff up the relationship and just flirt and talk the fun stuff.

Ideally one or the other or both on any given topic brings up the challenge, especially within 24 hours. It really helps clear the air and makes the fluffing a lot more fun ...

If those serious topics aren't cleared quickly, and this has to happen more clearly than in person, then things slide quickly on both sides.

At least thats my take

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