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We’re back! Sybaris was mostly great. The staff was totally professional and courteous to us, and when we reached our suite, we found they had sprinkled the bed with rose petals. This is generally an extra charge, so it was a really nice gesture that made us feel welcome. They ended up being a fun plaything, as well.
We were in a “Majestic Pool Suite.” The pool was nice, and featured color-changing lights which we thought would be cheesy but actually really enjoyed. The “waterfall” was a bit silly and also a bit cold. It reminded us of those funny oil lamp cage things with the oil that runs down fishing line to look like rain. The hot tub in this room is 5x7: it was big enough for three and comfy, but probably wouldn’t fit four very comfortably. The hot tubs in some other rooms are 4X6 and different shapes, so consider what you need on that score. The best part was the steam room. Our friend produced an oil-salt-sugar scrub, which led to the most brain-meltingly smokin’ hot make-out I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. Holy cow. I highly recommend this activity.
The rooms are all separate little cabins, so they are totally private. Our room was also mirrored on three sides, and above the bed, which made it feel a lot bigger. There’s a sex swing/sling in the closet that hooks up above the bed. It was one of the most unattractive, hilarious things I’ve ever seen, but if my husband and I had been there alone we would have tried it anyway. We’ve been married long enough to accept hilarity as part of sex.
The room was a little dated feeling, with oak trim on everything and cheesy palm tree wallpaper around the pool, but we mostly had the lights dim and weren’t looking at the décor much. It did not feel “old.” Everything was clean and functional, and the linens and carpets and things seemed new.
The biggest misstep was the bed. It was lumpy and uncomfortable, the pillows were only available in the huge, puffy, firm variety, and the sheets were some scratchy synthetic blend. We didn’t sleep well. If we go back (which we are totally game for, but we are moving across the country shortly), we would bring our own sheets and pillows, as hilarious as that seems, just to be more comfy. They really should improve this aspect of the hotel, as it really detracts from the luxurious feeling.
We found a coupon online for $75 off our stay. They did not charge us extra for a third. Apparently they send out discounts by email and on your birthday, etc, so sign up online ahead of time to score a discount if you are thinking of going.
Overall, definitely recommended.
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