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Question Noob

Haven't been a noob at anything in a long time so let's see how I do.

I am in a long term very commited relationship. We are engaged and have a wedding partially plotted. I am also in love with another individual and while I have never acted on these feelings I want to very much. Now, this is my first serious relationship, Ive always known Im not built for being with only one person and so I was always upfront in the past about not being exclusive. My fiancÚ swept me off my feet and I have made that promise to her and will keep it. -I just feel I am going against who I am and that I may be setting myself up for a dumbass mistake, a loss of control one day in the future.
I truly love my fiancÚ and feel a deep love for this other woman as well. I don't know how to fall out of love with the second woman.
I'm leaving myself open to a lot in terms of comments but I feel what I need right now is advice from others who may have dealt with either similar situations or who may just be able to tell me to get over it. Lol Lets hear it.
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