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Would I divorce? No. The legal issues aside (and I know they are many) marriage to me means more than what the government tells me it means. But for practical reasons, like my healthcare and the fact N and I have a child together, no, I would not divorce.

I hadn't given the matter of being married and forming a V or a triad much thought because, again, I married legally for practical reasons while I have relationships for emotional reasons. Hmmm

I do have a question for poly singles that has been buzzing around though. Is it the MARRIED couple you do not feel the desire to become involved with or a couple in general? I've heard the reasons that a single becoming involved in a couple has much to lose and has been left out of many of the decisions that coupe has made prior to forming a new relationship. I understand that hesitation. However, if you as a single, form a relationship on your own, aren't YOU two then the very original relationship you're leery to get into? Because, if you're forming a poly relationship, you presumably find a partner-and usually start with one-and then each of you may find other partners. So, if you don't want to join relationships and don't want to become a "primary" relationship then how do you find poly relationships at all?

I mean no disrespect and I do hope you understand what I'm asking as I'm having a hard time wording it. I just wonder how a single poly can form relationships while maintaining a single status and not becoming the very primary relationship type they're trying not to become entangled in.
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