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Ok, so we all decide to take the kids out to the bay and go swiming and BBQ'ing with some friends. S&D are so awesome to be around, and we have so much fun with them. Theri friends are kinda easy going and easy to get alonog with. We are all eating, and D starts talking about how she and S go out to a local karaoke bar on Friday nights. We all start talking about how none of us can really "dance". D starts to say how she slow dances with these other two guys at the karaoke bar.

Now, here is where it gets WEIRD.......

I got jealous....WTF????? I just kinda stood up, and said I had to go get something out of the car. I then walked to the car, got my phone out of it, and acted like I was walking on the beach listening to my messages.

Now, why the HELL would I feel jealousy over D, but not over my wife? UGGH I feel like such a cretin. Is this "normal"

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