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Hello to all of my new friends and acquaintances here. I have missed the conversation. But all of my activities have migrated over into meatspace, lately, with some NRE and a lot of change and growth.

There are interesting experiences where we know someone for a great many years in one way and then all of a sudden, so to speak, we're going down on her. Haha. It has a surreal quality to it, really. To be dear friends with a woman for 16 years and then there's a rainy thunderstorm night, cool breeze through the window, candles, a simple dinner, good conversation, a shoulder for her to cry on about her divorce after 10 years of marriage, some nurturing touch that sets off a spark and flashes into highly charged erotic exploration for several hours. Wait...what? Perspectives shift. Who is this woman? Who am I?

Odd also how the two of us almost did start a relationship 15 years ago, but I ended up with my second wife instead. Literally, like the next night.

Anyway, this is the first time in my life I have been completely honest about my own situation and where I am and what I want and it's refreshing. I have absolutely nothing to hide. It's a very sexy place to be. There isn't that murky, gunky dark dread in my gut that used to be there when I would lie my way into someone's pants. Nice.

I completed also a huge cycle of forgiveness, clearing, releasing and liberation on the trip. Now I am back in the hot furnace of central AZ and readying myself as much as possible for the start of my job.

Life is good.

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