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I went to a poly meetup with Mr. Unicorn yesterday morning, and had a wonderful time. I hadn't expected him to want to come, so the fact that he did and that he had such a good time too made me very happy, and made me feel really supported.

I was still buzzing with anxiety about what to do about our friend. We finally settled on just inviting him over to hang out, and I got in a nap before he came.

Thankfully, having him over put things back into perspective for me. I thought it might, but it's nice to be calm again. I didn't talk to him about anything, but I feel more confident about it when I do.

I just made sure to enjoy the evening. I got to make tea for him and do little things to make me feel good. I sat next to him all evening and non-verbally reiterated the fact that I don't mind touching him in the presence of my husband, and that my husband sure didn't mind.

We made plans to get together later this week with just he and I and depending on how things go then, I'll probably start the conversation at that time.
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