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After carefully reading the excellent points and advice made by this membership concerning your dilemma, I will only offer you one more thing to consider.

As pointed out earlier, scriptures are opened to interpretation much the same way different readers would interpret a poem. Not being a biblical scholar myself, when considering the philosophy, psychology, and anthropology of the issue, Iíve set out to find what experts in the subject had to say concerning these matters.

Dr. David P. Barish professor of psychology at the university of Washington in Seattle, and his wife, Judith Eve Lipton M.D., have published an excellent book concerning the issue of non-monogamy. An excerpt concerning your dilemma can be read at:

The Christian validation your fiancť needs to grow pass his limited and suppressed biblical exposure concerning marriage and commitment, can be found at this site. Lucky for him to have you doing the footwork necessary in an effort to achieve a positive outcome for the two of you. But make no mistake dear; this membership has offered you advice and perspectives that are second to none. When push comes to shove, the decision you make in absence of turning him around concerning a lifelong commitment to him, have far-reaching implications for you, especially, if and when you decide to start a family with him.

Iím certain I speak for all when I say, we are all rooting here for you.

Please keep us informed with your progress, as this matter is one that reinforces the values this community holds to be true.
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