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I thought I'd give some news.

It's going very well. Ian is happy for me and we're more affectionate than ever. Sean is extremely sweet at well. We have set date nights, since I'm unemployed and have a lot of free time I get a bit needy and lonely, so having set dates with my husband and boyfriend allows me to just relax the rest of the time instead of missing them constantly, if that makes any sense.

As I said earlier, Sean works in the same company T does. They don't really work together much though, but still Sean has been trying to help things between the two of us. He wants to talk about me and see how T sees me, just to gauge the situation, things like that. They had a business meal and he took pictures and took one of him for me, it was so sweet.

I'm on a little cloud still. Everyone is so happy. I want to keep you informed but it's hard to find things to say when everything goes well
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