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Do some reading on here fran, there is a lot to learn and your journey will be enhanced yet your own.

Personally I don't believe in compromises for the long haul. I don't think they are healthy when we can have what our heart desires and all of our needs met. We should always be working towards that I think.
Of course compromise is important when starting out as others have to catch up to us and us with them, but if you have a goal in mind and so do they then that is what should be worked on.

I would suggest talking about your goals and thinking about them with complete honesty and openess. That will show you where you can start working together or not. If he can see how your idea of relationship would be good, give him a chance to dwell on that and make it his own. This is where compromise comes in, as man number two can wait. There needs to be an understanding that things need to change as time goes on, but also be fluid and have the space to morph into what works.

Poly love does not go away generally, if he can't do it, then its more healthy for you and him to move on and find someone who can.
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