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Default Your cuddly friend

In regards to your cuddly friend... I wouldn't be surprised if something happened pretty easily and naturally between you two. His cuddly nature will probably give you plenty of opportunities to respond in kind, and over time you'll likely get a feel about whether he's into YOU specifically.

Of course he'll likely be conflicted, not wanting to "poach" on his good friend's turf. Maybe you'll come upon a natural conversational opportunity to talk about your emerging understanding of yourself as poly... that might allow him to figure out what you're thinking without putting pressure on him to respond. Not to mention giving him time and space to deal with any internal confusion.

I've been struggling to work out these sort of issues for myself lately. On the one hand, I don't ever want to be dishonest about my intentions. On the other hand, I don't want to blurt out some core emotional stuff to someone I don't already trust and like. Not to mention that THEY might feel uncomfortable with me sharing so much so fast.

But this blog is supposed to be about you, I think... so I'll pipe down now about myself. :P

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