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Default new to this site

Just found this forum. I'm relatively new to poly - even though I've had what could be called a poly relationship in the past. Thought I'd drop by an say hello. I'm in the Seatle area where we are blessed with a very active poly community. I'm getting more active in that community.

More info about me can be found at my blog: or at my OKCupid profile (

My wife and I are separated... meaning that the current status of our relationship is one of friends as well as actively co-parenting our two kids, at the moment, out of the same household (though we spent a year separated by several thousand miles). Our intent is to stay married and stay separated for a variety of practical reasons.

I'm interested in finding poly friends, connect with interesting people, and find romantic and other partners. I don't have a specific style (e.g., Polyfidelity, Solo Poly and the like) that I'm particularly desiring. At the moment, I'm just exploring different ways of creating life and love.

I'll be rooting around the site for awhile to see what's here. But, thought I'd drop a note to say hello.

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