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I can't blame him either... But I don't want to deal with it... it wasn't that bad actually, just her calling him baby and stuff and once on chat telling him she wanted to suck him off... he also did tell her he thought she was being rude and disrespectful of our relationship but it was only after I said something, and I only said something after hearing about it for two weeks. He made me feel like I had to step in and then didn't back me when I did. Facebook is a very interesting tool in that regards... I like using it everyday and staying conected to the places I've moved away from, but it does have a sharp edge. It's enough of a staple in my life that if something negative is happening on it im constantly tuned in and I have to witness it. Maybe I should just block him from my facebook... as sad as that would make me I wouldn't have to witness anyone telling him things that I would find offensive, and he wouldn't have to get rid of anyone.
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