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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
I'd really like social acceptance much more quickly.
As would I.

What I hope to see happen, and I'd love to help seed the idea in the national and international "poly community," is an organized effort to achieve just that.
I do not believe it will happen quickly by accident -- and by quickly, I mean in our lifetimes.

As I have mentioned, the motto which emerged during and after "Stonewall" in the "gay community" was "out of the closets and into the streets!". That should be our motto as well, but with another motto also acknowledged as essential to our "coming out" as poly.: "Safety in numbers".

The bottom line of what I'm saying here is that I believe we could benefit enormously from a national "polyamory coming out day" with the motto, "out of the closets and into the streets!". This would require significant and serious organizing of existing poly organizations, groups, etc., and lots of fore-planning. It should be so big that Oprah couldn't ignore it, or any of the talk shows, radio or tv, nor print media.

I believe the polyamory community is much, much, much larger than it is recognized to be, and that this is in part because not all who are poly KNOW that they are poly. Part of this is because millions and millions are poly in their hearts but haven't been introduced to what I would call "the poly discourse" -- books, magazines, web sites, essays, philosophy.... So most people who really are poly in their hearts nevertheless are silent and, as gay people have been, indoctrinated by shame and fear -- rather than pride and dignity. Many would-be poly folks therefore "sneak around". They "cheat". They lie. They are dishonest. Maybe they "swing" but they don't really consider opening their hearts to a second or a third a viable and respectable option. They are, simply put, closet cases.

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