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I wouldn't ask anyone to change their avatars. I see things every week, out and about, that I wish I could erase from my visual memory. Such is life.

If it weren't illegal, I would probably walk around naked all summer... I just feel more comfortable that way, but a lot of people would find that offensive.

As it stands, I have stretched ears and I'm sure some people find that gross and offensive, especially when I eat out at fancy restaurants. I wish I could say I felt bad or guilty about that, but I'd be lying (and a lot of people would find that offensive).

Personally, I would be offended if someone asked me to change my avatar if it were just a little risque, and I certainly havent's seen any avatars more than slightly risque. I haven't seen any boobies or penises or labia, nor violence, nor racism. I have seen some lovely shots of lace with suggestive poses, but to me that's art. Perhaps you've seen one I haven't, but I don't want to single that person out in public by asking whose it is.
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