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Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Any advice from anyone? I feel really confused and lost. I feel like I shouldn't have slept with the other guy. I even felt bad I did because I cared about my ex so much. I just don't get it.
You have nothing to regret. You were setup. If he were a cop, it would be called entrapment. Chances are, if his motivation was a test and you failed, then even if you'd passed, there would have been some future test that you would eventually have failed.

The whole "different for guys than girls" crap is typical misogyny. Sexist. Unfounded in fact.

IMO, you dodged a bullet. You got out after a year and a half instead of 15 years. You're free of the lying trickster, and better for it.

Originally Posted by ellie View Post
I think it was more open. He didn't tell me until he actually slept with the other women. Yes you did read correctly he gave me and his secondary the option to be be open but didn't want us to take it. He said it was his way of testing us.
It's a gross double-standard for him to do something he considers inappropriate for you. Totally bogus, totally lame, totally loserville.
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