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Originally Posted by cerisenoir View Post
I've recently met two men and a woman who I really enjoy being around, and who have asked me for dates. I already feel guilty for being interested in more than one person. It's too early to even talk about it with the three potential dates, but I feel like I'm doing something sneaky. They're all such great people and deserve the best. I'm afraid of being forced to pick a primary partner, when I really like all three so far.
To add to all this, I don't know if I have enough time for three relationships. I don't want to cause bad feelings and suffering for anybody. I'm already afraid to ask for a poly situation, because I don't want to hurt anyone.
I also have the self-knowledge that I'm really bad at sticking it out when it comes to difficulties and issues. Particularly with people who have poor communication skills and like to shout and carry on.
There I cut and pasted what you say to them. You may need to edit, but this is essentially what you say NOW, before going any further. This is being honest and open and if you respect them then I think you owe them to be up front right away, before anything goes one step further.
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