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Default Moving....literally...forward??!!

Well I did it! After living 6-7 hours away from my poly couple I made the decision to accept a job that's about an hour away from where they live. There were several factors that went into my decision to make a job change and move. Living closer to them was only one of those factors, although certainly an important factor for all of us. This move will definitely give me the opportunity to see if poly is what I really want in my life and whether or not my couple is serious about including me as another "primary", not a "secondary" over time.

We all decided that I won't be moving in with them for now. Their current house just isn't set up well in terms of having space for individual privacy when needed/desired. Also, we still have a lot of learning to do about one another. (I've certainly benefitted from the wisdom of those in this forum in that regards! )

So, come September I'll begin another journey in my life. One I'd never even heard of a year ago. I'm sure glad this forum is here as I'll no doubt be pulling on the wisdom of several of you as some of the day to day challenges of poly living come on board!

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