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Originally Posted by HCgirl78 View Post

Ygirl I actually put his number in a 411 website reverse look up and it gives nothing phew...last thing i want is this woman who feels scorned by a man who stands by his beliefs showing up at my door
Did you pay money? A lot of those places have "advanced" searches where the more money you spend, the more information you will get. If you only used one service and didn't even feed it any money, I wouldn't be so quick to say "phew". It all depends how crazy she is. You don't have to be THAT crazy to part with $10, $15, or even $30. For around $100 you can even have a LIR (Licensed Investigator Report) done, which will give the person's home address and phone number, among other things. All they would have to do is say they needed this in order to file a case in small-claims court. It doesn't have to be true. I know this because I had to take someone to small-claims court and all I had was his cell phone number. The LIR service didn't ask me for any evidence or proof that I needed this information for what I said I needed it for. He thought he was being so clever, cashing my check at one of those third-party check-cashing places s I wouldn't be able to trace him through his bank account. Anyway, when I looked it up for free, it did the same thing - it's a cell-phone number, and they typically don't get published unless the owner makes a point to do so. Sign up for a "basic" search for $10 or $15 and you get a name or a list of people with similar names. Spring for an "advanced" search ($50-$75) and you get addresses associated with the names. Spend a little more and you get the exact person's name and a lot of other goodies. Unless, you have one of those pay-as-you-go cell phones, with the pre-paid phone cards. Those are usually a lot harder to trace. If you have one like that you are probably ok, but if you have a service plan in your real name(s), there is a way you could be tracked down. I hope it doesn't come to that. Maybe she'll find a cheating husband to cheat with instead.
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