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well then she texted again...a 3 parter yes lots of words and say "for your information we did marriage counselling for 2 yrs and he wouldn't contribute" blah blah blah that she chooses to stay and live a secret life for the happiness of her kids...does she really think they won't find out at some point that the marriage they watched their parents had was loveless and full of lies. She said that cuz they tried counselling and it didn't help that she doesn't feel guilty at all for her actions. We just keep deleting them but I think something may be started here and just hope she stops when she realizes he isn't going to answer him, although I must say her email I was very tempted to copy/paste and then reply from my own private email my thoughts but I want this over and not ongoing so i am biting my tongue so to speak...well actually just venting here I guess haha
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