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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Awwww too bad you couldnt maintain it. I wonder why?
That would be going into a lot of details I am not prepared to open up to publicly (surprising eh, considering I am an open book). The surface level one which I have told here before was the fact she is a lesbian. I happened to be the one guy she liked, she would have been a 5 to 5.5 on the kinsey scale and boy did that 3 months rock haha. It played its roll in my life and I do sometimes miss her, and I still love her.

I don't always believe soul friends are meant to stay in your life btw. Sometimes its a matter of being a game changer. She came into my life to rip me free of what was happening. I believe certain people are connected in ways, and time...she was one of those. My wife was another...

I also think the internet is a great medium to meet other people that may offer you up that kind of connection, unfortunately what happened to me, with her, is unlikely to happen until there is a meeting. You just never know until there is physical contact and your energies merge
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