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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Ya I disagree. With my ex, right after/during my first common-law wife, we had almost 0 interaction and there was the most insane energy between us. We were connecting on a level I had never imagined possible. This is the first 10 minutes of us meeting. It was so powerful my jealous wife dragged me from the party and made me vow never to talk to her again. Needless to say we ended up together.

That said, this relationship (when we finally got to it) was like watching a fireball explode. Our energies were far too intense to maintain anything for long. This is where anam cara comes into play. She is very much connected to me in a deep way, I would even call it my soul (as an agnostic) but it was meant to be temporary. She played her role in my life and she will be with me forever...but we will never be together again.
Awwww too bad you couldnt maintain it. I wonder why?

With my gf, we met on okc and chatted a few times... and I just "knew." I went to her place for our first date (and I ALWAYS meet in public on first dates), she had dinner for me simmering on the stove. We kissed and within 10 mins we were getting naked. We got around to dinner about 2 hours later...

And thank gods, we are still together and it just keeps getting better and better, in bed and out.
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