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Well, its just a fact of life. Women can and do squirt when we cum. This has been repressed in Western culture. We've been made to feel ashamed about it, told it's pee, etc, for way too long. Conversely, in Asian cultures, women's flowing juices have been celebrated for millennia. I've seen old erotic woodcuts of men collecting the juices in cups. They even used to collect it in a leather horn shaped cup full of abosrbent material, and put that material in hot water to make tea of it for health.

It's just something I do, and it's an enjoyable, overwhelming sensation. I didnt always, I started in my early 40s. It came as a big surprise the first time, jetting out and down to my knees!

Sometimes I wish I didnt so much, b/c it is messy. But most of the time its just fun and feels great!

I like to raise awareness about it. Celebrate us women in all our wet warm glory!
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