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Originally Posted by Superjast View Post
So this is a honest question,..What IS the fascination ? The look ? The feel of it ? Why has it become part of the ' Fuck-It List' ?

...just curious,.....
Honestly its the "knowledge" factor. There is no iffs or butts about it. Its an orgasm with visual and physical appeal ...

Imagine having sex with a man who can orgasm but never outwardly cums

There is also the taboo factor ...something I am always willing to explore

and as a ps, like I said, it is nothing I try at or work towards, if it happens, it happens. Just another thing in my sxual experience I have enjoyed. I could chalk this up to playing with vegetables in a pinch. I have done the food play and don't understand why people are fascinated by it too. It was ok, but toys are better and generally easier to control. I would sure try again if I found a partner with a fetish like that though

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