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On a personal level, I`ve not ever quite understood the fascination with it, from any aspect.

- You can squirt ejaculate without having a orgasm.
So those who like to have 'evidence' of a womans orgasm,..well poof, there goes that theory.

- The amount a woman squirts has no bearing on intensity of the orgasm. Lots of women ( as previously mentioned) tend to clamp with a really strong orgasm. This can cause a gushing or trickling effect, instead of the 'female water-gun' scenario.

My g-spot orgasms are a nice 'warm up'. They feel pleasant, but I dont ever forget to breathe, because of them. Whereas my a-spot orgasms are what I work for. That is a whole-body experience.

When I am bringing another woman to orgasm, I can`t say I really care either way. I want her to enjoy and orgasm, but wether that includes fluid or not, doesn`t really matter to me.

..and hell, I am a happy, pervy, voyeur on the best of days. Yet this isnt something that rings that particular bell.

So this is a honest question,..What IS the fascination ? The look ? The feel of it ? Why has it become part of the ' Fuck-It List' ?

...just curious,.....
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