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I have found in our journey that the best way to find suitable partners is to find like minded people and that only happened when we started talking to our friends and others what we wanted to accomplish. I was amazed at who supported our idea and who didn't. Now I have a community of responsible non-monogamous people around me. Everyone is in it from swingers to poly fi. Older, younger, different gender identifications and abilities. We all hang out together or separately because we found each other to have similar values. I met them on dating sites and we decided to start community.
There is no reason to be alone. I started a womens group because I wasn't getting my need met to have female friends to talk about my relation ships with. I have friends on here now too. I have arranged to meet several forum friends now who are in my area. It starts to come together when I open my heart to what's beyond just hooking up. Its a whole lifestyle change to find something decent and lasting with others.

I would be inclined to be your friend on fb as a start. I'm very descreet on there and who knows what paths many cross as a result. Its all about getting out there and seeing where it goes (I'm not available as a partner however as I am more than filled with lovelies ).
Anyone want to be friends on Facebook?
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