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look up a comparison of Twin Flames and Soul Mates as well.
You will find that there are a LOT of difffering opinions on this topic.

I have a whole section called "borg" on my blog about it.

I won't bore everyone here though!

I personally believe that yes you can and no they aren't always lovers.

I woudl swear my Godson and I are connected in that special way that you just know you should be together. We ARE NOT ever meant to be together in a worldly "couples" sort of way. But we are created for a major purpose in one another's lives and we both feel it, sense it, know it, whatever.

OF COURSE Ariakas has the KILLER word! That's how he gained my friendship! By telling me to look that word up.

Great guy-awesome word!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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