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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
But what do you mean? It should be just inside your vaginal opening. I can even stim my gspot from the outside when I am aroused, on my belly just above the pubic bone.
But it's not. It's about 3-4 inches in AND you have to curve your fingers SHARP, almost all the way in a U shape. It's such a nightmare.
WHEN it gets touched-it's AMAZING. But it's NOT easy to reach at all. Hell-I'm sure Maca could elaborate quite well on it.

I can't reach it to save my life.
NOT ONE toy I've ever bought has ever been able to reach it. They don't even come CLOSE. Furthermore-the rest of the inside isn't particularly sensitive AT ALL. It feels good like someone running their fingers through my hair feels nice, but not in anyway stimulating for something to be inside of me, regardless of what it's doing.
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