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LOL All this talk is making me hot! LOL

L has never "ejaculated" yet. We keep trying....but maybe there is too much pressure from me, on her, to try. I don't know. I DO know, that when she has an orgasm, she is one of those that tightens up so tight it's difficult for ME to have an orgasm....She tightens up so tight, it closes off my wanker, and I have all this built know....and It's almost painful for me. When she is with another man, she can rip the condom off them also......unless they are extremely huge, and they are wearing a regular sized condom. Although, she has done it once before on our friend who was HUGE (6 1/2" around) and wearing a Magnum. But eh....That was her hardest orgasm ever. And she didn't ejaculate with that one either.....but at that time, I think she believed that female ejaculation was actually women peeing. But now, she believes differently. Anyway......We will keep trying.
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