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I am not strictly speaking a follower of Buddha myself, though I see much positive in the Buddha's message to humankind, as I see much positive in many other religions gifts to humankind. Let us say I am born into Jewish culture but consider myself religiously multicultural in many ways, and am even familiar with some parts of the neo-pagan movement, and think it has a lot to teach 'traditional' religion. Pretty much any religion can be construed and taught in a really restrictive and negative way, and any religion practiced in a way that would make me see it as a worthwhile religion cares that people respect living beings, care about honesty, and respect the integrity of the world they live in. To me sex is both a wonderful but very private thing that comes about as the culmination/fruition of a relationship that is emotionally satisfying before it becomes physically satisfying, but I do not force that view on anyone.
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