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let me elaborate why I feel bad, or more so like a bi*ch. I have had more partners than my husband my whole life, not just since we opened our marriage, he let the numbers bother him. He has had one encounter since we opened our marriage in November, and she in turn after that night said she couldn't take our lifestyle choices and cut all ties. I on the other hand, had to weed through messages while watching him be frustrated that no one can get our relationship and what we are looking for. I want him to have the enjoyment I do when I am out with my bf not the frustration he has had since day 1. We are in a small town so its not that easy to find someone that even shares our thoughts. He says he will tell her he can't see her again and just wait for another woman to come along, I am still processing at this point and said we'll talk later tonight.
I don't want to hold him back from someone he has already developed such a connection with but at the same time I am unsure of the affair on her side. I don't foresee it really affecting my home or family as much as it would hers. He feels a single woman would be more dangerous to pursue and he has yet to find a woman that is in a open relationship as well.
I have made sure she has very few details about us, she only knows his first name, not my name, or anything about our kids or even where we live or he works. She offered him a business card today and he refused and said no last he knows I am still undecided about things and the less info shared the better right now.
Yes I am arguing with myself I get that, this seems like it could be ongoing unlike his last time so I have more to process being on the end that he goes out because at this point only I have (except his one night) and this is all still very new to us despite talking about it for a long time before we acted on it, it is a new thing to process as things are actually happening than when we were just talking about it.

I guess I should also add the extent of our relationship, we are open marriage with casual sex although I am finding that I do care for my current ongoing man in my life more than I thought I would and am struggling myself as I adjust to things and put things into perspective. We have agreed to SAFE sex with others preferably ongoing, and that if things had become emotional/loving we needed to talk about things and see if things should continue

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