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Short answer? Yes, completely. The thing is dear AC, she is cheating. Why would one even bother to work on that? You will just of figured out how to have it, will have invested in this man and disaster will strike I think. You don't like him and you have very good reasons not to. His values are off kilter and don't match with yours. Neither do your wifes at this moment. There seems to be WAY too much to sort out before getting to compersion.

Its nice she is happy, but you forget its based on bullshit. Its based on the pain of others. That kind of falsehood will self distruct I reckon.

Bah, I think its actually healthier for you to just tune out and go inward rather than try to have compersion. Protect yourself first. Leave them to their own devises.

Have you confronted him at all on this? I would of blown up by now and would of told him either he tells his wife or you do.
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