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Default How to describe this

I am pretty new to this lifestyle and really am a bit niave to the terminalogy. My husband and I tried "swinging" for a few years and found it a bit unfulfilling. Both of us are naturally in need of emotional connection in order to enjoy physical connection and found it may be more suitable to have separate one on one relationships as neither of us are interested in same-sex relationships. In all of the reseach that I have done on this, it seems to me that people typically consider

Poly - all people involved love eachother
Open Marriage - more typically considered as sexually only (or swingers that "play alone")

Since neither of those apply to me, I hope to find someone to be close to me with intimacy as a possibility, but it seems that people get so confused no matter how I try to describe it. They either think I just want to be only freinds or I just want only sex. Surely my situation can't be so unique that no one can even understand. Any advice in how to keep potential freinds in understanding this would be appreciated.
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