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Exclamation a bit unnerved...

My husband and I now have a name for what we are, we discussed out love for each other and our family unit but desire to seek out other partners for well over a year before we actually acted on it. I am currently in a ongoing relationship with a friend who struggled to understand my lifestyle choices but the fact that he put alot of thought into it before starting anything with me meant alot.
He is my 3rd partner since we opened our marriage, the first 2 basically were 1 night stands as the first could not handle things, and the 2nd found a mono relationship and cut ties with me. My husband had struggled to find someone, we live in a very small town so he used dating sites. He found a woman that they talked for quite awhile online before meeting and having a sexual encounter, and once again she couldn't handle that he was married but that it was ok (she had been a mistress once and the wife found out and hunted her down)
So now as I type this, my husband is out meeting a potential ongoing friend with benefits. I have some concerns and try to express them and he listens but continues on. She is married, has a bf already on the side, but her husband is in the dark about anything. She has a lot of questions which is good and has said she is envious of our open marriage that she is so unhappy in her marriage. I am really uncomfortable with the fact she is married and hiding this. It could blow up and be so bad. I voiced my concerns to my husband and he said he did have some concern but not enough to back off. he enjoys exchanging texts and emails with her and was really looking forward to meeting her. I just worry that her affairs will come out and then we will be pulled into things, her running to him sobbing over her husband's reaction (she says he is very jealous and protective) or even the husband tracking mine down somehow. I am not wrong in my thinking right? I mean he did call off meeting a woman before because she was married but not open.
I would just really like to be able to find someone that is either single and can handle our life choices, or that is in a open marriage. Our marriage is very happy and it makes me sick to think of wrecking someone else's marriage especially when there are kids involved. I told him she is to know NOTHING about us today, I don't want her to know where he works, our kids names or ages or my name even anything that could turn around and bite us.
We live a very quiet life and have no one but each other to talk to about our poly life so I am glad to have found a place I can talk about this.
He has sent a message that he is on his way home, so I guess I will hear how things went when he gets home.

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