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Originally Posted by FireChild View Post
There's a difference between poly and open. Which one you are determines how over the line you were. If you're just open, then you're guilty of not letting him know first. If you're poly and you've determine that any sex had will be within an established relationship then you'd be wrong for 1) not telling him you were interested in this guy and 2) sleeping with this guy without officially being in a relationship.

Either way setting people up to fail like your ex did (you can sleep and have relationships with other people but if you do I'll dump you) is wrong. Dead ass wrong.

If I read what you wrote correctly he gave you the option of being open but didn't actually expect you to take it. Lame.

I think it was more open. He didn't tell me until he actually slept with the other women. Yes you did read correctly he gave me and his secondary the option to be be open but didn't want us to take it. He said it was his way of testing us.

I did end up calling his secondary to tell her what's he's doing as she is also a mono (long story short, she didn't know about me until very recently, he refused to tell her). But I guess I look like the "crazy ex". I can't believe I wasted a year and a half on something which I thought was a loving relationship.
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