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Great thread-but damn frustrating too.

My G-spot is really fucking hard to reach.
I've bought toys that are SUPPOSEDLY designed to reach it.....
Get sick of spending $100+ at a time for

I do ejaculate.

The first time was SO scary. I wasn't dating the guy-was in love with him, didn't know I could do that OR what it was for sure.
He didn't react-which didn't mean a whole lot as far as I was concerned, it flat freaked me out.

I figured out fairly quickly with him that this was JUST the way it was going to be and got used to it.

But it still makes me self-conscious at times. It's not that I am confused about what is happening. It's that I know other people are and most often I get self-conscious if Maca says something about it. He thinks it's awesome and exciting-but I never know how the other person is going to react.

I WISH it were easier to reach my G-spot. It feels SO good when it's rubbed, but it's so damn hard to reach that I've only actually gotten off via THAT spot less times than I have fingers to count.

I shouldn't complain though! Two men-both can get me off GREAT, soak one bed, get up and go soak the other!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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