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Wink Hello from St. Louis

Hello everyone. I'll try to do this one right.

I'm living in the St. Louis Metro area. I'm the senior programmer for a mid-sized company, and have been doing the same job for almost 10 years now. I also do a little day-trading to make a few extra bucks.

I am twice-divorced (well, almost, with the second one). My first ex-wife recently contacted me after a 12-year separation, claiming that she was sorry for all that she had done, and asking me to give it another chance. So I started making conditions, one of which was that she find a girlfriend to join us in the bedroom on a regular basis, which she gladly did. However, my intention that the two of them would hit it off, and become romantically involved, never happened. That relationship is behind me now, but I've acquired a strong taste for that kind of lifestyle.

I was browsing a dating site earlier today, and ran across several woman looking for a woman to join them with their husbands, and I learned a wonderful term today: polyamorous. Using Google to search for this term, I found this site.

For right now, I live alone with my two children (who are 10 and 11). What I had with my exwife was not what would be considered to be polyamory. It was just three people who would get together for sexual encounters. My slight animosity towards my exwife interfered with anything beyond the physical. I want to push this to the next level. I want a relationship where the love is equal between all 3 of us. Reading some of the stories on this board, I know this is possible. I just have to find the right women to make the magic happen.
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