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With all due respect for anyone with a different definition of poly for themselves; to me you didn't experience poly at all. You experienced swinging. A relationship based on sex hook ups, for me, is very different than poly. So, just to let you know, your comment about those of us being in this lifestyle I did not take as being directed to me or anyone here on a poly forum. At least in accordance to my poly description of myself anyway. It might be semantics, but just incase you decide to try again with others or tell people you tried poly, it might be worth prefacing your discussions with others and thoughts on the topic with "my description of poly is getting together to have sex with people I care about"... or, "my poly would mean getting to know you and love you before taking it to the next level" if in fact that fits better.

I don't mean to sound snarky, I realize I might come off as such, but I just get a little concerned when people try stuff out and then diss it because it didn't work for them and might not be using a term that fits the description of what they actually were trying out. Does that make sense?

I'm sorry it didn't work out though. It sounds like you had some fun sexy times and really sometimes that is all it is. That is fun too. It sounds like you took it for what it was and are moving on. It doesn't sound to me like they wanted more than some fucking. Doesn't sound like you want more than that either. Perhaps "swingers" is a good term to identify with for you?
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