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Originally Posted by Kiwibigluv View Post
Pretty much so. Most New Zealanders have a live-and-let-live approach to other lifestyles. We legalised homosexuality in 1986, decriminalised prostitution in 2003, and brought in a Civil Unions law for all couple regardless of gender/orientation the following year.

We do have a conservative minority (usually religious bigots), but they are mostly ignored. Especially after their leader, of the "Christian Heritage Party", was convicted of sexually molesting a child in 2005...
Its funny, I know a tonne of kiwis and aussies (I live in a town called little australia). you are an amazing group of people overall (aussie day is a fucking riot)...I find this to be very true.

Although your core definitions of politics differs from ours, so sometimes political conversation get lost in translation...

ya ya, I know kiwis and aussies aren't the same people...just making a point ..hahaha...
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