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Now she's flirting with his wife? Is this to please him? So he can fantasies about her with another woman? Or was this some vain attempt at making it right somehow? Is it so she can somehow get with her and then introduce the whole idea that she is with her husband also?
I'm really not sure, certainly all of the above crossed my mind. In part, I think she knew she couldn't flirt with him infront of the wife, and just layed her cover on a bit too quick. She's certainly mentioned to me the threesome fantasy involving he and I, and I've told her, if she attempts a relationship with another woman, I know I wouldn't be able to deal and I'd be gone, instantly, no further discussion.

I see little in this for you as well. ...and seeing your partner happy only goes so far in my books. This is so one sided.
Is it really even possible for it to be two-sided? I certainly have my normal life the bulk of the time, when he is unavailable for her, and when I'm able to just be in the moment with her, and not think too heavily about her/him.
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